Authority Then and Now

When I was young and immortal, the closest I got to caring about politics was watching Chevy Chase play Gerry Ford falling off a stage. Politics was just

How to become memorable

Nobody takes action unless they remember to take action at the right time. Nobody remembers more than 10% of what you say. Do you see a potential collision

How to 10X Your Video Smarts

The problem with a search engine that returns over 9 billion results for how to make a video isn't a lack of information. It's the lack of context.

How to Enjoy Perfection

Perfection. That very word is loaded with every kind of emotion you can imagine.  There's the thrill of getting it just right. There's the dread of getting it all

How The Trust Factor Engages

"Trust me." That's what every marketer worries their viewer is NOT doing.  When it comes to making video, I've found there's a big difference between engagement and trust. It's