An Awesome Alternative to Shiny Object Syndrome

Ever heard someone say the following? "Sure dude, I buy every program in sight, but I can stop anytime I want" If so, please show them this video. It's about a humane


The One in a Thousand View

There's a built-in psychological trap on YouTube that gets sprung on most people as soon as they publish their video. "Will this get a bunch of views?" There

How Does This Lockdown Movie End?

There’s no denying the world is hurting like never before. Of course this all tends to get thrown into high relief at the holidays. So you couldn't blame

A Quantum Leap in Live Video Quality

One person might be an outlier. Two are an oddity, but three signify a trend, and four herald a new standard. "What are you talking about, Steve?" Only the possibility

Two Ways to Make Video Pay

"Profits on Autopilot!" scream the headlines. Every other day it seems we hear how we can do less and earn more. Well, they have the right idea. You can