How Long Your Scripted Video Should Be

And Why I Kept This a Secret for Many Years Once you decide to script your video to help you show up in the most professional way you can, a certain


Do I Sit or Do I Stand?

Decision, Decisions... In video we have to make a lot of decisions. The success of each video depends on our choices. So naturally we skip stuff like what shade of

The Leverage Point of Uniqueness

Your biggest leverage point in video right now may be that everyone has turned to A.I. to find theirs. Many of us have found A.I. useful for research

A Scary Simple Scripting Shortcut

It was an exciting week here at Visible Authority Central Command. We had our own little Apollo 13 moment approaching a big regional airport. But wait. What if that wasn't

How to Become One in a Million

In our headlong rush to embrace A.I. and all its wonders, we've lost sight of something kind of important. If no one believes you are who you say you