How to Find Your Producing Rhythm

I wanted to follow up from Wednesday’s video about the value of finding your rhythm of production. This message will make way more sense if you watch the video first. Practically


The Invisible Habit of Video

Making videos is nothing more than a habit. But if you force it, you'll crash. In flying there’s a practice they call “staying ahead of the airplane”. That means

Using the TED Model for Video

Since about March of 2020, for some reason TED talks have gone virtual. The structure of a TED talk on video is not unique to TED, though it

How to Find B-Roll Clips Fast

People ask all the time where I find the b-roll clips I use in my videos. A better question might be HOW do you find those clips? I get

The Video Face-Lift

I just had one of those cardinal birthdays; the one where they take your health insurance away and replace it with Medicare. And it got me thinking... Age may

On Taking the Value Journey

I think we all know that some of the hardest work in this world is to condense something down to its essential elements without losing its essence. The