Hope you’re having a pleasant summer. 

I’ve put Baby Blue in for some paint she didn’t really need right now, just to keep from flying too much. I want to stay focused on the project till it’s born. 

I don’t know for sure what trimester this is, but it sure is getting exciting because I know it’s going to change the way you approach doing all the things we talk about here. 

In a good way, of course!

So right now I’m building the database for it and the programmers are doing their best to keep up with my changing requirements. It’s now getting close to being something with legs and arms and a heartbeat.

More on this in the video below…

Incidentally, as we’ve been on this path, I’ve had to confront my prejudices about A.I.

I think this may spark an insight that should make you feel loads better about all the stuff you’ve been reading about A.I. lately.

What do you think?

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    • Tom Hailey

      I am eagerly awaiting this new project and so pleased to be plugged into Visible Authority.

      If there’s a way I can help or support this let me know.

      -Tom Hailey

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Tom! In a week or so I expect to have something to show to those who have been enrolled in courses and Inner Circle. Can’t wait…Must wait… 🙂

    • Sandra Zimmer

      Hi Steve. Thanks for your interesting thoughts about ai and chatgpt. I have resisted even looking at chatgpt until recently when I played with it for awhile. Yesterday I asked it to write three video scripts in my voice about my course to support leaders in releasing public speaking anxiety and developing leadership presence. In one minute I had three scripts that used language similar to mine. It then took me one hour to edit and polish so that they were totally my voice. I was gobsmacked at how well this worked. It’s all about writing good prompts. I can’t wait to see what you learn and teach about ai. I trust you will use it with integrity.

      • Steven Washer

        It is more than remarkable, isn’t it, Sandra? It’s kind of revolutionary.

        That’s one reason I’m doing this particular project. Without consciousness, it’s like building a car with no brakes. 🙂

        Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    • Jeremy Latham

      This insight has taken things up by orders of magnitude Steve. You are inspiring (as always)!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Jeremy. It was inspiring to me to see your latest video, in which you used one of these big ideas we’ve been exploring in Inner Circle.

    • Jeff Harrison

      My own weirdness
      I can do that Steve!
      Improvisational is how I often describe myself. I once was handed an empty paper towel roll and asked to speak about Focus.
      I look forward to your upcoming changes.
      One quick story about ChatGPT from today. I asked it to design and score a test to determine what type of learner I am. It did and it was right.
      Then I asked it “if I gave you a topic I wanted to learn, could you create a curriculum so that it was taught in a way that is done so in my learning style?”
      Of course it said!
      Unlimited potential in the area of so many things…could it totally change our educational system while improving the outcome because each student now has their lessons planned specifically for them?
      We will be waiting for you Steve!

      • Steven Washer

        I’m hearing lots more of these kinds of stories now, Jeff, where ChatGPT is figuring out our idiocyncracies somewhat. And yet it goes in the opposite direction as well. See Gudrun’s tale below…

    • Gudrun Thong

      I use chatGPT for scriptwriting: I do my first draft then let A.I. improve the English – and it sounds so much better!
      Also tried voice-to-image ( for thumbnail images in my videos) but haven’t yet found the right A.I. tool yet; ‘Canva’ has this feature but struggles to come up with i.e. an image ‘rabbit with cat ears’ – it creates a rabbit with a cat head = still a student as you say, Steve

      • Steven Washer

        Fascinating. Midjourney is the image tool people like to tout for images, but I haven’t found it very useful for video yet. We’re still in the “look at the crazy pictures A.I. can make!” stage. I’m holding out for the “let’s make the video background you want now” stage.

    • Detlev

      Such an amazing and inspiring perspective!!

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