Is A.I. “The One”?

When a billion people make the same exact turn at the exact same moment, the contrarian in me wants to know why.

No one was coerced into this. We did it of our own free will. We saw something special…something extraordinary…something never seen before…something the developers might not even have had in mind.

Right now it’s being sold as a convenience, like cashless money or a quick-drain valve.

So let’s use it if it helps. But for things like factual research? I can’t help but wonder about the usefulness of a search engine that returns only one answer.

Perhaps the real benefit of A.I. is going to be something no one saw coming. The rule of all new technology is that the current unknowns eventually become the most important part of the story.

The moral of THIS story is that if you make videos or write emails for “marketing”, it is more than likely that your work is about to become more visible and appreciated than it ever was before.

If I were you, I’d get busy. 🙂

    5 replies to "A.I. – The Genie in a Bottle"

    • Valrie

      Interesting take on AI inclusivity. Is it possibly to replace the bible in the belief system of the new generation? Squeezing everyone into one way of thinking ?

      • Steven Washer

        Everyone is free to believe as they wish, as far as I know.
        I wouldn’t refer to AI’s “one way” as inclusivity as much as a prison of thought.

        In any case, my hope is that we’ll all give more attention to what’s inside us than what’s coming at us.
        That way lies greatness. 🙂

    • Leslie Covington

      You make some great points. Thank you.


      Thank you for a very balanced and fearless view of A.I.
      I have also seen the explosion of invitations to try a million different A.I. tools. I might soon do so.
      As much as A.I. interests me, I would like to know where to find free backgrounds similar to the one you use in this video and previous videos.


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