A.I. – The Genie in a Bottle

Is A.I. "The One"? When a billion people make the same exact turn at the exact same moment, the contrarian in me wants to know why. No one was coerced

Some Thoughts on Green Screening

Why Do We Make Green Screen Videos? I have to confess I really enjoy making videos using a green screen. There’s nothing else one can do short of shooting

3 Promises to Avoid in Your Marketing

Inflation has finally hit the coaching, consulting and services market. We used to see endless promotions for “How to Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business”. I haven’t seen one in

How to Choose Your Best Video Topics

Your ideas are the life's blood of your uniqueness. They're the source of your inner authority. And they're the foundation of your self-confidence. Maybe that's why it seems to

How to Make Your Story Response-Worthy

Everyone agrees that storytelling is important. They just aren’t sure how to go about it. The skill seems so elusive. Either it feels too intuitive or too prescriptive; like