A Scary Simple Scripting Shortcut

It was an exciting week here at Visible Authority Central Command. We had our own little Apollo 13 moment approaching a big regional airport. But wait. What if that wasn't

How to Become One in a Million

In our headlong rush to embrace A.I. and all its wonders, we've lost sight of something kind of important. If no one believes you are who you say you

How to Create a Legend

Creating a legend is superior to creating even the best marketing. Marketing changes all the time. A legend is forever. Investing some of your time in this timeless

Meet Your Video DNA

After helping business owners get moving with video for over 10 years, it's become clear that one-size-fits-all solutions simply do not work. And by "work", I mean they

The Truth About Impact in Video

When you're trying to use video to make good things happen in business, you run into a massive problem right away. It's massive only because you can't see it. Your

Updates Galore…

Hope you’re having a pleasant summer.  I’ve put Baby Blue in for some paint she didn’t really need right now, just to keep from flying too much. I want