Many people see videos as disposable, but it might be best to think of them as recyclable. Not in the usual manner, though, like turning them into blog posts.

The idea is much simpler, but it takes thinking about your videos a little differently.

I hope this resonates with you.

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    • Kenny Briggs

      Family comes first before all others. Take care of your wife. I enjoy your videos.

      • Steven Washer

        De nada!

    • Tom

      This certainly does resonate with me. Each of your messages causes me to think about how I use my time, skills, and resources in a different way.

      I’m praying for your wife and family.

      I look forward to seeing what your next project is.

    • Tom Hailey

      This certainly does resonate with me. Each of your messages causes me to think about how I use my time, skills, and resources in a different way.

      I’m praying for your wife and family.

      I look forward to seeing what your next project is.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Tom! Barbara just got back from the surgeon’s office. She’s been cleared for anything 100%. I’m so psyched. Now we can take longer flights. 🙂

    • Richard Mowrey

      Quality messages, properly presented, certainly will last and provide benefits again and again. Something we know, but forget in the clutter of the “new, new” world we live in. Thank you for the reminder!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Rich. I often find reminders are easier to digest than strange new information.

    • Jay Creighton


      Thank you for the gentle, but effective reminder.

      I liked everything about this video:

      (1) The background was quite applicable to your message—videos that appear time and again in someone’s “feed,” just like the monitors behind you, playing looping videos.

      (2) Your script was also concise and well-written. I especially appreciated your phrase, “the ziggurat of trust,” which was right on point, once I reminded myself of the meaning of the term, “ziggurat”: A rectangular tiered temple or terraced mound erected by the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians, e.g., the Tower of Babel, ancient pyramids, which have aged quite well considering their age. Once we’ve built our ziggurat of trust, it will last for years.

      (3) Your confident but never cocky demeanor. Your non-threatening demeanor draws the viewer into your message, which is always a winning strategy—because you sincerely want to help. That’s never in doubt.

      (4) Finally: WHAT A GREAT LOOKING JACKET! It looked luxurious and comfortable! The color was also fantastic. 🙂

      Thank you, kind Mentor, for reminding us of the gifts within each of us and encouraging us to continuing creating beauty, disseminating knowledge, and teaching leadership in our own fields of study.

      Enjoy your hiatus. I hope Barbara’s health continues to improve.

      Jay Creighton

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Jay. So kind.
        I’ll give you my tailor’s name next week. 🙂

    • Jeremy Latham

      Thank you Steve for sharing your wisdom with us. It is greatly appreciated. Trying to think of new ideas for videos is often difficult and frustrating. I’ve looked back at some of my old videos and updated them. We all grow as producers, and the skills that we learn breathe new life into what we published before. The problems for which people seek help from us don’t change. How we communicate our offerings to them is a dynamic, organic process that helps us refresh our messages. Wishing you and Barbara a healthy and happy summer.

      • Steven Washer

        You COULD refresh them, Jeremy. But do you really have to? Is it possible that their very imperfections are part of what makes them work?

        • Jeremy Latham

          Good point Steve. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Like an old leather chair, I guess our legacy videos (and their creators) acquire a ‘patina’ that hopefully adds to their charm and appeal.

    • Jeff Harrison

      Steve, first and foremost, I am glad to hear your wife has been cleared…fantastic news. I am so grateful for your messages, and look forward to a “calm” guide, lighting the trail forward, in this case, by looking backwards.
      Late last week I had this aha moment, that reminds me, or confirms I am not totally off my rocker, I thought of Juicy fruit gum. Remember them?
      And how they ran the same commercial for, well maybe decades!
      I asked, “what video can I produce for my clients, that can be their juicy fruit video? And then, all the other assets be like streams feeding into the ocean, or in this case their Juicy Fruit…”
      Prayers always to you and those close to you.
      Thank you for your messages as they are truly words of wisdom.

      • Steven Washer

        I hear you, Jeff. And thank you for your kind thoughts.

        Ads are a slightly different animal, though in the case of video, the line blurs a bit. I’ll be talking more about this in the next video. But no, you aren’t crazy at all. While the specific application is different, the objective is the same. In fact, a great ad will have a lot of value in it, like our videos should.

    • Barry Friedman

      All the best to you and your wife. Thank you for your videos and words.

    • Ron Ross

      Thanks for another heartfelt message — especially the news about your wife. I’ve completed and posted ten one-minute “shorts.” My plan is three per week and maybe four. How long before re-posting? My guess is at least more than 6 months. A year?

      • Steven Washer

        Why more than 6 months? If you don’t have many contacts on the channel, this should get you some more. And if the videos are relatively “timeless”, then 6 months shouldn’t be too long to do a re-run. Some people might run the same video every month.

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