When you meet a “friendly” in a bar, one of the first opening lines you might hear is the one above.

There’s a good reason for that.

They want to know who they’re dealing with. They want to size you up. Are you a “friendly”? Can you be trusted? Is there any danger in being around you? Do I WANT to spend time with you?

And 90% of that can be determined when we know your story.

It’s no different online, is it?

The story we want to hear, though, is the story behind the story.

What does that mean? Only that stories can be made up. The story behind the story…that’s the real deal.

Here’s how to come up with that one.

    8 replies to "So What’s Your Story?"

    • Jeremy Latham

      So true Steve. Honesty, truth and authenticity will always resonate with the people that we want to help. Beautifully told, as always. Thank you.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jeremy! I think it’s also more practical, as it saves time and worry by helping us avoid the things that are out of our control!

    • Curtis Brooks

      Excellent video!!!!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Curtis!

    • kelly

      I love this! How can I hire you as a coach? You have exactly what I’m looking for, authenticity, maturity, and depth of soul. I need this wisdom to help me bring out my work, promote Soullab, our upcoming platform and my upcoming book. I’ve been in private practice for over 30 years but have not mastered the social media realm. Now, as an emerging founder, I need to show up in a good way that gets the message out and attract our people. Thank you for being who you are. It makes me ever-more confident in this transition.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the kind thoughts, Kelly.

    • Leslie Covington


      That is SO powerful! I just have to figure it all out. Somehow.

      Thanks again.

      • Steven Washer

        I get it. It can be bewildering sometimes. But you really don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. That’s why we exist. 🙂

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