You CAN Make it Being Yourself

Never feel compelled to use those slimy sales tactics that work today and are gone tomorrow.
As a visible authority, you can take off your salesman hat and never put it back on!

Fast-track your online authority, expand your fan base and enjoy premium pricing.

Be You. Be Seen. Be Successful.

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Spend More Time Doing What You Love
With Marketing Systems That Bring the World to You.

You got into business because you’re very good at providing a solution; not because you wanted to spend all your time calling attention to it. As a Visible Authority, that’s a burden you can lay down.

But not until you can make the connection between what you do and how it's perceived in the marketplace. And then, how you can communicate that.

As it turns out, those are two very different things.

That's why we created the Visible Authority Video Series. It will change the way you think about yourself, your clients, your skill, your communication of it, and the way you bring new clients into your world.

And much of it has to do with giving you expertise in what some call video marketing, but what is actually a key component of a complete marketing ecosystem.

Once you've done this, everything changes. You will never be seen the same way again.

Samples From the Series

What People Say...

  • Sheryl Kurland Sheryl Kurland
    You always have the cleverest ways to explain the all-important basics so that we actually understand them and can apply them in our videos, Steve. This in and of itself is a talent, one that you’re a master at. I’m sure I’m speaking for all your fans and followers and they agree!
  • Jennie Marlow Jennie Marlow
    =)) As always, it’s a worthy investment of my time to watch you – the master – at work, Steve.
  • Stephen Byrne Stephen Byrne
    Wonderful: thank you. I’ve a list of videos which, whenever I decide I want a 5-minute pick-me-up, I return to and pick one to watch. That’s where I’ve put this latest video of yours.
  • Janet Sellers Janet Sellers
    Thanks again for another inspiring talk. I always look forward to seeing your videos in my inbox and watching them. And I watch them several times so that I understand better.
  • Sandra Zimmer Sandra Zimmer
    Steve, I am inspired by how you integrate esoteric concepts into your marketing message. You are modeling bringing Soul into video marketing presentations. The presence of spirit is palpable. Wow! I help professionals got to that when they speak and present, but have not brought that essence of vibration pulsation into my videos. I am watching you to learn!
  • Nancy Dadami Nancy Dadami
    Steven your videos are educational and inspirational. I always feel like “I can do this” when I watch you.
  • Lucien Vaillancourt Lucien Vaillancourt
    Great info as always Steve. I don’t see how anyone’s videos can be better than yours but since you are the authority I will take your word for it.
  • Richard Mowrey Richard Mowrey
    Great message for “experts” and for every sales manager who should be creating the opportunity and providing the training so their sales staffs can present their prospects with “presents to unwrap”.
  • Marina Brito Marina Brito
    Wow. Brilliant advice from a real pro. I learned so much in only 4 minutes; fish-eye lenses and hulk hands and how they hurt my business! Thanks a ton for the valuable info, as always.
  • E. G. Sebastian E. G. Sebastian
    Steve, you ROCK!!!! You don't know how much I struggled with these blurry lines around my body, or other strange looking results that I was getting. This video alone, I believe, resolved my problem... Thanks a mill for sharing.

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