Last week we talked about what it’s gonna take to make you feel at home on camera. 

This week I’ve been thinking about the compartmentalizing we do to stay sane. (I promise this is going somewhere 🙂

Maybe a loved one goes in for cancer surgery, but you still need to soldier on. Hard to do, but more to the point, is it always a good idea?

Compartmentalization happens in video all the time. You want to be great on camera, but you don’t want to think about what the camera does to make you look great. You shut out those anxious thoughts, creating an enormous gap in your awareness.

I think that’s a gap that needs to be closed. Don’t listen to those who tell you it doesn’t. 

It’s way less complicated than we often make it. In fact, the most difficult gap to close is the one between your ears.

Want to be trusted? (It’s a good idea these days.)

If so, close the gap.

    6 replies to "The Final Step in Being Your Best on Camera"

    • Jeff Harrison

      great message Steve, and the timing is excellent. Often in the past discussing this “natural and rugged” versus “thoughtfully created” became a contentious one.
      I feel we can have a mixture of both. Often when we have scheduled video shoots, this includes lighting sound, make-up and scripts…and then every so often, we create that BTS or on site type videos…these are rare.
      Thanks always for the clarity and vision you bring.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Jeff! And fortunately for someone with your skills, a location shoot can be made to look just as clean as a studio shoot through the judicious use of angles, levels, focal length and camera movement!

    • Tom Hailey

      Wow. This message has ignited some exciting thoughts about what else I can do with the knowledge and skills I’m getting in the Selling Without Persuasion Course. I’m looking forward to our next webinar! I might have something new to report.

      • Steven Washer

        That’s awesome, Tom! I bet you will (have something to report, that is 🙂

    • Jeremy Latham

      Thank you Steve. So many gems in that video, I had to watch it several times to absorb them all. Life and our day jobs certainly get in the way of producing perfect videos. The ebb and flow of our ‘energy’ is fickle and frustrating at times, and it makes it difficult to be consistent. It’s a great journey, nonetheless.

      • Steven Washer

        There’s a line from The Lion in Winter that always comes to me when I start thinking this way. King Henry is speaking to his consort and says “Let’s have one strand askew. Nothing in life has any business being perfect.”

        Artistry is not about perfection. It’s about focus and intuition. Your videos are definitely getting there.

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