Video can be an extraordinarily powerful way to change the way you are see out here or it can be just another transactional way of trying to do business.

Generating that kind of power happens when there’s a shift in the way you see your own business.

Actually, this is easier to show than to tell…

    6 replies to "The Power of Positioning With Video"

    • Richard Mowrey

      Thank you Steve for reminding us that … Trust … is the foundational requirement and most valuable element in any meaningful relationship. And … what the subsequent building process should be!

    • Steven Washer

      Thanks for the insight about trust, Richard!

    • ron matta

      Great video as usual and in developing a meaningful bond with relationships……..good looking pics of panel and interior on that plane!!! Aviation Creations thanks you for allowing us to work with you on your upgrade!!


      • Steven Washer

        Oh yes. Everyone loves the seats!!
        Thanks again, Ron!

    • Detlev

      Putting more focus on the inside, a bit less on the tactics.

      • Steven Washer

        Many people aren’t very comfortable with that kind of responsibility. 😉

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