I have to admit this title is a little misleading. There are actually three levels to this video.

The first is a tip to help you figure out which approach to being on-camera feels more like you; some version of the actor or the comedian, by the way.

The second will take you into the deep waters of your self, where we’ll explore the strangest secret about how you show up for others.

The third will tie parts one and two together.

My hope is that it resolves a long-standing mystery of why others see you so differently than you see yourself, so you can better merge those impressions.

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    4 replies to "The Comedian’s Key to On-Camera Charisma"

    • Barry Friedman

      Great video! Hopefully this is the reason AI voice videos will disappear. I never need to hear that monotone again thank you.

      • Steven Washer

        Ha! I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon, but that will only make your work easier!

    • Ronald Ross

      I too was tempted to do Stand-up comedy. A couple of years after my wife of over 52-years died, I won the Toastmasters District contest for humor. My monolog was titled, “How to Pick Up Women When You’re 74 Years Old.”

      • Steven Washer

        With the aging boomers looming large, I see big business in your future! 🙂

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