In our headlong rush to embrace A.I. and all its wonders, we’ve lost sight of something kind of important.

If no one believes you are who you say you are in a video, it’s curtains for finding new clients online.

It’s always been challenging anyway. Then A.I. showed up and turned to marketing, which should be the most personal thing we do.

There is one clear path through this new labyrinth, though. And that is to come out here in a way that unmistakably demonstrates your humanity.

See if you agree…

    3 replies to "How to Become One in a Million"

    • Jeremy Latham

      Always very timely Steve. I have just started to play with InVideo AI It’s extraordinary. You type in a prompt, and within minutes it produces a fully-fledged video with music, VO and captions. It uses stock media, and you can add your own as well as edit the script. For all it’s impressive abilities, it lacks….soul. The essence of what makes us who we are. Still very impressive and thought provoking, nonetheless.

      • Steven Washer

        Impressive is good. It can raise your game. Thought-provoking is good. It can set you researching in new directions. But our main difference is that we have a soul. And what a magnificently elegant way to differentiate.

        Would that this becomes a motivating difference as well.

      • Jeff Harrison

        Jeremy, we too have been using Invideo. One thing we did to add an element of uniqueness was to use our clients voice to do the narrative.
        Yes it’s true I could use a synthesized voice of my client, but the pauses and inflections are still a bit lacking.
        Steve, as always, you’re one in a million. Thank you for your message.

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