Creating a legend is superior to creating even the best marketing.

Marketing changes all the time. A legend is forever.

Investing some of your time in this timeless task seems like a winner to me.

Here’s one way to do it.

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    • Jay Creighton

      Imagination. What a concept. Thank you for reminding us that, if we are patient with ourselves, we’ll find that our imagination—unique to each of us—isn’t dead; it’s just been dormant. But like dried porcini mushrooms used to create a most tasty risotto, we can add moisture (e.g., our patience and kindness to ourselves), to our long dormant imagination and it will be revived and ready to serve us and our objectives in ways we could only have “imagined” would be possible when we were children.

      Thank you for a great beginning to my Wednesday, Steve. See you soon.


      • Steven Washer

        For some reason I’m really hungry right now. 🙂
        Thank you, Jay!


      Pippi has served as inspiration, muse and alter ego for me since I first borrowed all of her books from the library and read them simultaneously as a kid. Big on imagination but not much for linear thinking, I’m glad I knew her. She inspired me to imagine a horse on my own front porch and the adventures we’d have! I got the porch, the horse, a barn for good measure, and wonderful adventures.

      Thanks for talking her up! Her books are still on my bookshelf. Back to my imagination…

      • Steven Washer

        People have a hard time believing that what we create on the inside is what we manifest on the outside. Thank you for showing the truth of that!

    • Jeremy Latham

      You are so perceptive Steve. School, University, professional training and dealing with the stifling burden of bureaucracy is enough to extinguish anyone’s creative spark. We must keep going though. Per ardua, ad astra!

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jeremy. It does get to you; mostly when you aren’t aware of it.

        My somewhat larger point is that by not giving our energy to the stifling structures we’re supposed to accept as the “one true reality”, but instead direct those energies toward building a new world, we keep going through something that has a more desirable outcome.

        This is becoming clearer every day…

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