Where do you look for marketing intel? How far afield are you willing to go?

Here’s a way to cut through that whole insane process. It might not take any less time, but it always works.

The craziest thing about this is that you’ve had the answers in your hip pocket the whole time. What you may haven’t had is the eyes to see them.

Sadly, this is the way far too many brilliant service providers go through life. They confidently express themselves in their work, then suddenly abandon what they know as soon as a professional marketer tells them “the rules”. Understandable, I guess. Who wants to go against the rules? My stars and garters.

Luckily for my clients, they tend not to follow many rules; even mine!

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    • Jeremy Latham

      Thanks Steve. When the ‘creative Cessna’ is grounded it makes it very difficult to see clearly, and the longer it goes on, the harder it gets to start up again. How do you keep the juices flowing whilst the generator’s being repaired? (Apologies for wringing to death this metaphor!)

      • Steven Washer

        Nice metaphor extension, Jeremy. And that’s a great question.

        The way I stay motivated is to look at clarity in various categories.

        There’s clarity of the positioning message, clarity of the value proposition, clarity about who I’m talking to, clarity about what I’m even trying to do overall, and even things that have nothing to do with the business per se, such as clarity about keeping myself healthy for the day-to-day.

        The point is that clarity is its own reward simply because it IS so motivating. This is a well-hidden yet almost magical outcome for anyone.

    • Mick Smythwood

      Very good speaking voice

    • Raina Gallt

      Thank you again for a very welcome message!

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