Last week we looked at the map of the entire value demonstration pyramid. This week we look at the base of the pyramid itself: technology.

In the last several years video technology has progressed to the point that many have a hard time understanding why their yogurt spoon doesn’t record in 8K Panavision and edit itself into an epic movie trailer without them having to touch anything.

While those slightly futuristic fantasies are an endless source of delight on my YouTube channel, they also have a point.

Video is easier to make than it used to be. There are fewer things you have to fuss with to get pretty amazing results.

This video is about those things and about how to get them for yourself. They’ll come in real handy at stage two.

    3 replies to "The Simple Tech Behind All Great Videos"


      Excellent as always Steve. You’ll be amused to hear I took the plunge into Imac’s and SLR cameras since we last talked. Neverending this “new tech” business – but worthwhile.

      • Steven Washer

        Nice to hear from you, David! One foot in front of the other. That’s mostly what it takes.

    • Steve Botsford

      Thank you, Steven, for the pyramid, masterclass, and continued encouragement and support. Looking forward to digging in to learn more about the “shooter’s eye!”

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