Anyone who ever despairs over why we do the crazy things we don’t want to do, but not the things we really do want to do may eventually find themselves wandering the wilderness of their soul.

If they are lucky, they may meet someone along that lonely path; a wise fellow by the name of Guy Finley.

Mr. Finley has spent nearly his whole life there and knows the terrain. He’s been a very helpful guide to me and countless others worldwide.

Now, here’s where the plot thickens. 🙂

I think maybe 5 years ago I asked him if he could recommend a business coach familiar with his work, and it may have been the one and only time I sensed a definite “harrumph” in his response.

It was clear he wasn’t that interested. Too mundane a topic, really. Ah well, who could blame him? (I briefly contemplated getting out of business!)

But since no one else seemed to be going down the road of building a business not based on ugly persuasion and transparent manipulation, I struck out on my own to see what I could find, with many of Guy’s ideas as a guiding star.

I discovered quite a lot.

One of the things they don’t prepare you for in business school (so I’m told), in guruland or in the products and services we hastily consume in an effort to master our energies, is the sheer amount of resistance we’ll encounter on our way to to the promised land.

That’s why something like 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. There’s no other reason. There just isn’t. Because everything we do is an expression of what’s inside us. Want to have something different? You need to do something different. Want to do something different? Well, then you have to be someone different.

And this is where we cock it all up. We don’t understand that to be someone different we have to become MORE of who we are, not less.

So I offer this to you in the hope that you will be more willing to follow its crazy (for our time) wisdom. I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t for everyone. But it IS for those who want to put all of themselves into their business.

It’s for those who are sick of operating out of the made-up person they were trained to be from birth, and for those afraid of engaging with the one true person they’ve always aspired to become in their heart of hearts.

Finally, why is this on a blog about video marketing?

Because if you become this person you can create all the content you need to reach all the people you want. The only reason you aren’t doing it now is simply because that content-creating part of yourself is the one you don’t know quite enough about yet.

So, self, meet your self! 🙂

    6 replies to "Why We Believe Creating Content is Just. Too. Hard."

    • Richard Mowrey

      Another great (and needed) dose of “Mindset and Strategy Medicine” for the Master!

    • Hagen Christian Heller

      A simple truth I have always known, beautifully presented, so it becomes usefull and can now be applied by me!

    • Michael Landau

      Once more it’s like you made this video just for me, in the perfectly right moment. Thank you Steven.

    • Tammy Kabell

      I respectfully disagree with you, Steve. I think this content is what YouTube NEEDS right now. From my experience, it’s when I stretch myself on my YouTube channel, I get the most positive comments from my community. It might seem a little “heady” for regular YouTube surfers, but the expanded reach might make it to that one lost business owner that needed to hear it at the exact same moment your video comes along.

      • Steven Washer

        Ah, well, it would be interesting to see what happens. Thank you for your perspective, Tammy.

    • Jay Creighton

      Thank you, Steve, for another very inspiring video. I’m busy working on the script for my 60-90 second video, the one that can act as the subscriber video on YouTube, my “About Us” page video, or a LinkedIn or YouTube ad for building my list of subscribers. “As above, so below.” Such a simple expression but one that explains the fullness of the universe, if one stops long enough to ponder its meaning. Thank you for keeping me inspired. Jay

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