I mean, they do, right? That’s what all the marketing gurus say. So it must be true. How could they keep saying it for 10 years if it wasn’t true?

Like most great truths, we need to kick off the dust cover and see what’s underneath it.

Here’s the thing. There is a wonderful recipe for video success. It’s just that it’s nothing like what you’re being told.

I think you deserve to know this. Because without it, there’s little chance you’ll get very far using video.

    14 replies to "Why Do Fancy Videos Harm Your Brand?"

    • Terry

      I have been on the planet a while, and I appreciate hearing a story worth hearing that I’ve never heard before. Kudos!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Terry. I think we old timers might appreciate it even more. 🙂

    • Lars

      Thanks Steven, I love your videos and the way you present your message.

      Calm and collected is my preferred way too.

      Working on my skills and watching you is very helpful.

      • Steven Washer

        It also has the benefit of rarely being tried.

    • Jeremy

      Very insightful and genuine Steve, as always. Your values shine through, and have inspired many of us learning to do our own thing in video production. I struggle with the fine balance of on the one hand, creating enough content to maintain visibility, and on the other of being repetitive and seemingly too hasty to get stuff out there. It’s a fascinating journey!

      • Steven Washer

        That it is, Jeremy. And if it were not so, life would be that much more boring. 🙂

        Having said that, there are ways to cut down the time sink to where it all becomes very doable and (dare I say) even enjoyable.

    • Michael Cappetta

      Thank you for yet another great topic, Steven !.
      You definitely make informative videos that people respond to, and I couldn’t resist in letting you know that I truly enjoy watching and listening to your video presentations. You have your own unique way of un-leashing a wealth of useful information using your years of experience with a polish that does make it look easy being natural and relaxed on camera. I have certainly learned a lot from you, including all your green screen information, just from being allowed to watch your free videos, and I do thank you for that and all the other resources you have provided on a “gratis” basis. Your “Three Pillars of a Visible Authority” for beginners makes a lot of sense to me. You are truly the top “Visible Authority” in my book.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Michael. I hope you continue to find good use in this!

    • Martin Moroney

      Hi Stephen
      Nice work, lovely story.
      Your use of green screen has motivated, even supercharged me into setting up a green screen in my garage and shooting my latest video using green screen.
      The results are very impressive, so thank you for leading the way.
      Your advice about matching the viewers expectations is very wise.
      Your work is thoughtful, informative and a treat to see.

      • Steven Washer

        Well done, Martin. Send us a link sometime!

    • Sherris

      So true!

    • Meral Ibrahim

      So happy to have found this wonderful surprise. It has been a lonely experience trying to figure this video making for YouTube, but with people like you, it keeps me motivated to march on. Thank you Steven.

      • Steven Washer

        You’re welcome. Come back anytime.

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