One of the most amazing things about marketing is how personal it is. It’s the life of your business brought to life on video.

There is very little that’s more personal in any business.

So how does that square with the idea of “best practices”?

Here’s my take. I hope you find it helpful!

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    • Jeremiah

      Mr. Washer,
      Thank you again for putting out these free videos. I have learned a lot from them and they have helped me to produce several advertisements for several business’s, and now create weekly videos for my church that go along with the sermon to help people apply what we learn and to invite people out to church. You have been a big help and I don’t know where’d I’d be without your videos, oh wait, yes I do, I would be a film producer who wouldn’t be able to produce any videos with good quality or content. You have been very helpful. Thank you!
      ~Jeremiah Hadley

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Jeremiah! Good to know these are helping you get the word out for everybody!

    • Martin Haworth

      Hi Steve

      Thank you so much for sharing this through. I think you may have saved me thousands of dollars right here. Currently debating how to write a sales page and the thousands of dollars it could cost, with zero guarantees. But hey, what about me. I think I might have to do without another guru.

      I appreciate all of your common sense.

      • Steven Washer

        You can be your own guru. I hereby give you permission! 🙂

    • Jennie Marlow

      This is so good, Steve!!! Thank you.

    • Jay Creighton

      Good Saturday, Steve:
      Thank you for reminding us that we don’t need to be perpetually enrolled in this guru’s course, or that Guru’s webinar to just get started, with our unique persona, and produce the content we so desire to produce for our target audience. I have grown tired of listening to, or reading, yet another pitch re: how best to (1) launch my course; (2) start a blog; or (3) analyze my SEO, etc. I am now DOING rather than sitting. Thanks for your timely message, sir. As always, it is very much appreciated.

    • Dean

      This is much needed. It’s so easy to go down the YouTube “rabbit hole” trying to prepare “to be ready” , to get started being ourselves on camera. Thank you.

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