Last week I suddenly realized that Episode 200 was upon us. It got me thinking about where we go from here.

Bear in mind, I may be the world’s worst prognosticator. When I was 16, I was sure we would all have flying cars by the year 2000.

But some video trends are clear. And today there are more and varied opportunities to leverage them than ever before.

Over the course of making these first 200 episodes I’ve also enjoyed watching newbies grow into full-blown experts. And curiously, no matter how different they seem from one another, those who succeed actually have a number of things in common.

Check out the “list and my crazy predictions and see if you agree!

    14 replies to "Who Becomes a Visible Authority?"

    • Mark

      Another knock out piece of work Steve! Watching your videos is a MasterClass in themselves. Thank you.

      • Steven Washer

        You’re most welcome! 🙂

    • Jeremy Latham

      Bravo Steve! You are an inspiration to all of us, with your carefully constructed messages, effortless style and brilliant presence. Here’s to the next 200!

      • Steven Washer

        And to yours, Jeremy!

    • Valrie Blair

      I never thought I’d comment, but you’ve moved me! You have drawn me in. You have motivated me. I have set up my green screen and lighting based on your instructions which are inviting and supporting. I’ve scripted, edited, primped and propped. I’ve examined my scripting for the rhythm based on criteria you provided. I’ve examined how and what your videos have done to me and I’m looking forward to being as authoritative on my subject matter as you have shown. Congratulations on 200 videos. . . And counting 🙂

      • Steven Washer

        Here’s to your first 200!

    • Danny

      Thank you for all your work!

    • Allison Rapp

      Steve, as far a prognostication goes… what do you see for the future of our softboxes, as cameras seem to be doing better and better with available light? Starting to think about how to use mine to dry laundry…

      • Steven Washer

        Great question! I agree that softboxes are no longer the only choice, but available light is never a great solution.
        What you’re looking for is control of the light. And if that’s a choice, an open window can be your worst enemy.

        There are new choices that use less room. I’ll be doing a video on that soon.

    • Nancy

      Congratulations on episode 200. I watch them all – You are inspiring.
      I am thinking about a short video now, more than the 8 to 10-minute video.
      Thank you for showing up and sharing your visible authority with us.

      • Steven Washer

        Hey Nancy! Long time no see. Thank you for the kind words.
        Best of luck with your shoot!

    • Dr, Dee Tucker

      Wow Steve, you showed up in my email about a month or two ago. I thought perhaps I would look at the the videos once I had time. Today was the day, and I am so glad I took the time to watch and not delete. My intention was to watch one of the videos, I watched all three. Is it possible to send me a video once a day starting with the old videos? If not, how and where do I start watching video 1 to video 200. Your messages inspired and encouraged me so much, I would like to catch up as I continue my work in front of the camera.

      Dr. Dee Tucker

      • Steven Washer

        You can watch them all right here on the blog. Just click on BLOG at the top of the page and you’ll see lots of possibilities.

    • Jason Price

      Great to see your plans for what’s coming in the next 200 episodes, and calling out some of the terrible quality put out by people who think ‘owning a camera’ makes them a ‘photographer’ or ‘videographer’!

      Love the focus on quality and it’s applicable not just to the self-employed, but also to those looking to use video as a way of engaging meaningful communications within corporate organisations as well.

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