In Part 1 of this series we looked at how your best script ideas originate and take shape.

In this video, we’ll go deep into structure and employ a powerful series of tactics to keep your audience on the edge of their collective seats.

After you watch the video, be sure to download the free Story-Selling Bundle PDFs to get some good practice in writing your next series!

    7 replies to "Where Your Best Scripts Come From Pt. 2"

    • Leslie Covington

      Another great one, Steve!! Thanks.

    • Trish Hyatt

      Can you add a link to Part 1? I save all your emails but I did not get one for that.
      Thank you.

    • mary

      Its not script related Steve but how do you stop the ring light from showing up on your glasses ie reflecting off your glasses

      • Steven Washer

        Just tip your frame down a bit. That usually does it.

    • Teo

      I fell asleep last night with YouTube videos on green screen set up watching me ‍♀️. I woke up to look for more info on the topic and found your video. Your “What Is a Visible Authority” video really inspired me. I Thanks so much!

    • Jay Creighton

      What an inspirational message to send out into the “ether” for those of interested in more than beautiful greenscreen and a story about how my dogs got me a ticket for being unleased at the park. As you know, I’m creating videos that will empower people to take control of a very personal, intimate, and fearful part of their lives. This is, as you know, serious stuff. Your instruction is so very useful and helpful to me, especially as I work on my scripts for the various topics in my own area of expertise. Thank you, Steve, for being my VISIBLE AUTHORITY. Have a great weekend.

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