I don’t think anyone does video just because they’re worried about being invisible.

I think they don’t do video because they’re worried about being irrelevant.

Here’s how to fix both problems at the same time.

    4 replies to "What fear of the camera is really protecting you from"

    • Jeremy Latham

      Thank you for more pearls of wisdom Steve. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome is the path to madness. We’ve all been there!

    • John W Tedmon

      As you so often do Steve, you nailed it in this simple session.
      Thank you for your guidance and excellent insight for solving the problem.
      I appreciate you and your business,
      John Tedmon

    • Sherris

      Exceptional. You’re speaking my language!

    • Joshua Popenoe

      That was really good, Steve!

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