“Profits on Autopilot!” scream the headlines. Every other day it seems we hear how we can do less and earn more. Well, they have the right idea.

You can use video to make your business profitable as a certain kind of human being.
And you can use it to make your business profitable as a different kind of human being.

What is much harder is to blend the two approaches.

Trying to do so has been the downfall of most people, especially in an age when so many businesses are dropping like flies in a Raid factory.

Here’s how to choose the approach that’s right for you.

    17 replies to "Two Ways to Make Video Pay"

    • Leslie Covington

      LOVE IT!!!

      Another great video.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Jeremy Latham

      ‘Dropping like flies in a Raid factory’!!
      Steve, you should be on the stage (there’s one leaving in 10 minutes).

      Your insights into the way we connect with one another are always so insightful Steve. Wonderful Wednesday Wisdom.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the new name, Jeremy! 🙂

    • Michael Landau

      This is so refreshing (and revolutionary in the business coaching world).
      I need to remind this to myself more than once, trying to become a visible authority.
      Thank you Steven.

      • Steven Washer

        The best part is that you don’t really need to “try” in the conventional sense. 🙂

        • Michael Landau

          I must try to stop trying…

    • Nancy Dadami

      This is just what I needed to hear. Thank you Steve

      • Steven Washer

        Most welcome, Nancy!

    • Jason Price

      Another episode in my weekly dose of common sense advice, grounded reality, positive inspiration and leading by example.

      I agree with Jeremy, “dropping like flies in a RAID factory” is a catchphrase worth remembering.

      Thank you Steve, for another great video

      • Steven Washer

        Happy it was helpful, Jason.

    • Boris Berlin

      I watched this video twice, and still don’t think I 100% understand what Steven is trying to say. It is: “stick to authentic self-expression instead of trying to second-guess what a presumable audience wants, and even if success in form of views doesn’t materialize, you’ll be content (and will thus have “succeeded”) because you have expressed your true self” (which is my mantra in my creative songwriting work)? He verbalized his idea in rather mind bending ways. If someone can summarize their interpretation, I’d be curious.

      • Bob Carr

        Hi Boris … what I gathered was just be yourself in your videos as your own unique personality will shine through and like minded folks with be attracted to you. I’m having lots more fun and people are responding back in videos I’m posting and I’m not worried about the haters as haters will Hate and more importantly they will never be my clients anyway and the folks that do respond are lot more receptive and that’s where this really starts to get exciting and rewarding and things come together and feeds itself. My two cents :-). Bob

    • Meir

      First, thank you for a deep, thought and introspection-provoking video.
      Steve, if you wake up the morning after you posted your video and see zero views, wouldn’t it give you a feeling of no one giving a xxxx for what you are doing? Wouldn’t that interfere with your pleasure of expressing what you have to give to the world?

      • Steven Washer

        It depends on what signals you’re paying attention to. The system wants you to do only what it wants you to do. Why do you suppose that is?

    • Allan Pease

      ummmm….. getting a bit religious/eveangelical here, Steve. I love your stuff but
      I don’t get this one.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the feedback, Allan. I was not trying to be evangelical; just give a little food for thought to a more evolved part of your psyche. But that thought deserves a much longer video. 🙂

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