Is this a real choice?

If you’re being worn out by the feeling that your only choice is between marketing the way you want to and lose sales, or use slimy tactics and win sales, be of good cheer.

The solution is NOT to “shut your eyes and think of England”.

When it comes to working the strategy explained in this video, the rewards are all out of proportion to the work you put in.

If you take this to heart it will literally nag at you until you start to implement it. And I say that from the experience of resisting it myself.

Once I gave myself to it, everything radically changed for the better.

But don’t take my word. Just see if you agree.

    4 replies to "Today’s Most Powerful Video Strategy"

    • Jeremy Latham

      Becoming binge worthy is such a great thing to which to aspire Steve. It’s so easy to feel that one is cringe worthy, especially when starting out on the video adventure. Since working with you in the Inner Circle, I have acquired a few loyal followers, who regularly interact with me through YouTube. It’s very gratifying to know that people take notice.

      • Steve

        And you’ve only just begun. The curve rises nicely from here.

    • Rev. Bill McBride

      Thanks for touching the deeper side of expression in video. “To thine own self be true” came to my mind in what you shared. I’ve been a pastor for 45 years and now retired have more time for me and my video production. Attracting folks I can touch with my “heartfelt” and “authentic” message is more real for me and my audience rather than shamelessly pushing the “pain” and “gain” slim.

      You’re so right. This video really spoke to me. Thanks.

      • Steven Washer

        Most welcome, Bill. Here’s to many more years of production…

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