Given all the amazing tools and technologies at your disposal, have you ever wondered why you maybe haven’t had more success with video

There is a secret to using all these tools; a secret that seems to defy discovery, no matter how many times it’s hinted at, implied or
hidden in plain sight.

You’re invited to learn this secret right now, in all its plain jane glory. True power rarely comes knocking with a lot of razz-a-ma-tazz. And nowhere is that more clear than in this one simple secret that will change your destiny…if you let it.

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    • Paul Wolfe


      I wondered what you were gonna say when I got the email. This message is totally relevant to me today just as was three years ago when I started out. (FYI I posted my 200th Video to the ‘Toob yesterday….so I DO understand the value of consistency).

      I ran a study in August – I did nothing with my Youtube channel from August 3rd to September 4th. No new videos. No comment answers (well, Ok, a few). Nada.

      And the analytics still chalked up 90,000 plus views on existing videos whilst I was on the beach playing with my kids and reading. Plus on top of that I added another 532 subscribers to my main email list – again, all driven by those videos.

      That’s what consistency can do for people. And something that most people get woefully wrong.


      • admin

        You, sir, are a steely-eyed rocket man when it comes to making videos. Thanks for posting on the benefits you’ve gotten; not the least of which was well-deserved time away.

        • Paul Wolfe

          You might be interested in this one….so I did a Case Study of how my video traffic was affected when I did NOTHING to my channel. In November I’m gonna run another case study – and see what happens when I post a new video every day, monday to friday, for four weeks.

          (I’ll need to have at least 10 in the bank before I hit November to do this without killing myself – but I’m determined to have a go).

          So that will be 20 videos new to the channel. Be interesting to see what it does.

          Keep ya posted.

          • Paul Wolfe

            Oh – and PPS – you need to install a ‘REPLY ME’ type Plug In so that people know when you’ve answered their comments so they can come back if need be and keep the conversation going!

            • admin

              Done. (I think. We’ll see.) Thanks!

          • admin

            Hope everybody is listening. This brings up a good point. Once you have a lot of subscribers you can upload videos to your heart’s content and it isn’t like sending loads of email. They tend not to be bothered with those kinds of notifications.

            • Paul Wolfe

              The new plug in worked – I got an email notification! Hussah!

            • admin

              Me too. Woo hoo! Thanks for the good idea! And then I had to add several levels of discussion in the settings :))

    • Jarrod

      Thanks Steve, summer got away from me and this is the kick in the pants I needed.

      • admin

        Funny, you were on my mind this morning as I prepared this video. Good to see you’re getting back into the swing of things!

    • Dave Pipitone

      Great video – and message – Steve! Something I needed to hear – a good kick in the kayak!

      • admin

        Thanks, Dave. I promise not to put a hole in your boat 🙂

    • Matt Eve

      I think consistency is key with nearly all forms of marketing, and so many people are looking for the easy option they don’t realise that it takes hard work on an ongoing basis.

      • Steve

        True, Matt. But it’s not eternally tough. As Paul noted above, you just need to lay the groundwork and keep the flywheel turning. Yes, it tougher in the beginning, but it does get easier as the flywheel tends to generate some energy of its own after a while.

    • Catrien Ross

      Steve – wonderful video – I’m gearing up to slide my kayak into the water in Japan and here you are, inspiring me again. Thanks to your webinar this May I was encouraged to immediately get my first ever video camera and start making YouTube videos. I’m learning lots, paddling through, and having such fun, too. Your inspirational warmth and humor send just the right winds my way, and I will keep going. Morning greetings to you from the foot of Mount Fuji – Catrien Ross.

      • Steve

        I love Japan, and thank you so much for those Fujiama wishes! 🙂

    • Karim

      Hi Steve,
      Great Video and of course the “Tough Love” message, perfectly timed 🙂
      I better get the boat in the water.

      • Steve

        I was beginning to worry about you just a little, Karim. Good to see you.
        I hope you’ll make it back to the Greenroom soon. 🙂

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