Getting certainty about the things that have been troubling us is nothing short of spectacular. We seem to crave it like a Kardashian does the spotlight.

But what do we give up for that guarantee of blessed relief?

As it turns out, the whole universe is trying to tell us that. 

Is it possible there’s something much better than “proven”?

    4 replies to "The True Cost of “The Proven Plan”"

    • Jeremy Latham

      We call it Dragons’ Den in the UK Steve. It’s compelling viewing. Your video is an excellent demonstration and explanation of how a pitch made from the heart, and executed with care and honesty will increase our chances of engaging with the sort of people who will be our happy customers. Bravo!

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jeremy. While it’s far from proven, that’s part of what makes it compelling. Did they do their homework? Do they know who they are? Will they get there even if the dragons don’t invest? It’s all an inside job.

    • Tom Hailey


      “Here I am.”

      I love that. Thanks.

    • Peter Defty

      Wonderful Steve…Thank you!

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