If you’re OK going through life grasping for money, this video is not for you.
This is for those who understand that a life unobserved is a life wasted.

By the way, why do those who understand that so well, so eagerly forget it when it comes to their businesses? Then it’s all “get the money” and “damn whoever gets in my way.”

We’ve all known people like this. They seem successful on the outside, but their mindless approach to living makes their clients and customers crazy.

But this video isn’t about ethics or what you should or shouldn’t do. This is about that Jedi mind trick our brains love to play on us, keeping us from seeing what we’re doing to ourselves and others.

Imagine what your life and business would be like if you could see that rascal in action. Your decisions and actions would seem charmed, flawless, unifying. And all you have to do to get this is see it.

Listen. I know that catching yourself thinking may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life, but it may be the most valuable. This video will show you why that is, then how to do it.

    4 replies to "The Magic of Thinking (NOT)"

    • stefan

      Einstein was the master of the thought experiment. Because he couldn’t see relativity he used thought experiments about trains travelling through stations. The result was his understanding of space time.

      Thinking about real things gave him insight into abstract things he couldn’t see.

    • Andrew

      A couple of wisdom gem in this for me . Thanks Steve.

    • Peter Defty

      Once again, you nailed it Steve…..I watched this several times and had to replay several sections to make sure I was tracking but the message here resonates with my own thoughts, yes, thinking LOL, on the subject. The conscious human mind is only capable of so much compared to our sub-conscious creativity….but we can use it to capture that magic! Keep up the great work!

      • Steven Washer

        You too, Peter! Glad this resonated with you.

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