The thing about scientists is that they must have objective proof. If they don’t see it with their eyes it’s not quite real.

Artists must have subjective proof. If they can’t see it with their inner eyes, it’s not quite real.

And once in a blue moon, someone with a scientist’s mind and an artist’s heart comes along, and they change everything.

Such is the case with my new friend, Gary Epler. In this interview, Dr. Epler rips the veil off the mystery of innovation, influence and sales, but so much more than that. Because at the heart of his discovery is that life will give us a peek at her mysteries, if we only have the eyes to see.

So I asked more questions in this discussion than I normally would. Hopefully they were your questions, too. 🙂

Here is Dr. Epler’s book on Amazon.

    6 replies to "A Medical Doctor’s Advice For Making Sales"

    • Richard Mowrey

      I almost did not want to stop to comment on my way to purchasing (and studying) this book! Thank you for this new thinking about thinking!

      • Steven Washer

        A pleasure, Richard! It’s always helpful to think toward the problem rather than from it.
        And this is something Gary does very, very well.

      • Dr. Gary Epler

        Richard – thanks for your kind comment.
        Best wishes for good health and continued success.

    • Peter Defty

      Once again, thank you Steve …..I just watched this and Dr. Epler’s thinking is very much in line with my thinking ….my thinking has been developed as a by product of the product and approach we take to performance & health because as simple and natural as what we are doing is, this innovation has been met with fierce opposition until recently… I have spent years thinking about ‘Why’ and Dr. Epler’s thoughts echo mine.
      His advice on nutrition/exercise needs some work though. I don’t disagree with his approach and philosophy but that is falls short of giving the layperson an applicable road map.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Peter! That’s the thing about truthful ideas. They are super-helpful at the highest levels, and where we get involved it nearly always becomes a matter of further study. So I see this as a great discussion!

    • Dr. Gary Epler

      Peter – pleased to hear your innovation about the “Why” echos your thoughts.
      Best wishes for continued success.

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