I wonder what people think about the state of our species when they see some of our leaders vainly trying to use a teleprompter.

My humble suggestion is don’t be like them.

So just in time for Halloween, here’s my take on the 3 scariest teleprompter mistakes you can happily avoid.

And by the way, here’s some teleprompter software I really like. It’s what I’m using in this video. You can get it here: promptsmart.com. (I’m not an affiliate. I just like their stuff for the most part.)

If you like the idea of getting big teleprompter smarts for free, here’s the training I talked about above.

    11 replies to "The 3 Most Gruesome Teleprompter Mistakes"

    • Gary Ivey

      Great video as always Steven. Time to get get the telepromter out me thinks.

      • Steven Washer

        Send us a link!

    • Jeremy Latham

      Here’s a scary one….

      • Steven Washer

        On so many levels…

    • Michelle

      I got zero feedback on this video this year (watch it at creativeconnection.art). I didn’t take it down or change it because I was selling/moving/buying a home which took every bit of focus I had for months. I did not have a mailing list of the audience it was intended for, so I just participated in many social/zoom groups where they were with the url always in my ID and email signature. I have to assume no feedback at all means it’s a mass fail, but I don’t know if the failure is the offer itself or how I present the offer or both. Please advise with any pointers. I’m THIS close to giving up on trying to connect my art with an audience I think could use it to their benefit. Thank you.

      • Steven Washer

        There are many reasons something like this can happen. The audience, their level of awareness, your creative, your offer, the way they were prepared for it, the numbers of them, the numbers you were actually able to reach, etc., etc.

        Without knowing your personal circumstances it’s not really possible for me to make a diagnosis. I would only say that the temptation to give up is a normal reaction, though not one I would encourage without knowing a lot more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

        I would develop my own list first. The gurus say you can get rich on Facebook with no list at all. When I hear things like that, I check to see if I still have my wallet in my pocket.

    • Ronald Ross

      I use SpeakFlow.com for a teleprompter. Computer to monitor placed beneath the camera. It doesn’t always work perfectly because of internet connections, etc., but for a seasoned senior like me, it beats word fumbling and SBB (senior brain buffering – embarrassing moments of silence). I’m making progress.
      Two minutes: https://vimeo.com/747731888

      • Steven Washer

        Great video, Ron! I wish more people would send links like this.
        Thanks for the tip and best of luck on the course!

    • Greg Ricca

      You are a Master. The Visible Authority. Thank You

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