With everything going on in the world, is it still OK to use humor in your teaching, training, explainer or sales videos? After all, aren’t we supposed to keep a somber game face on at all times?

Isn’t the world about to go kablooie?

I believe we contribute to the creation of any reality by focusing on it. Have you had enough of the one “they” want you to swallow?

If you can possibly get through all these dad jokes, maybe you’ll see something that could work for you.

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    4 replies to "What’s the Deal With Humor Today?"

    • Jeremy Latham

      You should be on the stage Steve….there’s one leaving in 10 minutes.
      When I used to present on the lecture/conference circuit a few years ago, I used as much humour as Ii could get away with. Medical conferences can be very rigid, stuffy affairs, and a few humorous asides definitely broke the ice, particularly with US audiences who tend to be very serious! Self-deprecation is an excellent tool to deploy as well. As you said though, today’s public arena is full of traps for the politically unwary, but our time will come again, hopefully. Did I ever tell you the one about….?

      • Steven Washer

        Well, I commend you on your liberal use of humor. That used to be considered considerate.
        So it’s good to remember the wise old adage, “It’s smarter to be funny than it’s funny to be smart!”

    • Jeff

      Steve, once again you remind me (us) to get on with it and mix it up with a little humor. Often I will ask my clients, you know the ones, take seven, take eight…if we can use these at the end of, or during their videos…you know to show them they are human…well. I have kind of stopped that because I got only the “eye” and no takers…So I will try and screw up a few times as I am shooting and add them to mine.
      Thanks Steven

      ps. I would vote for you to take the stage as you are both entertaining and funny!

      • Steve Washer

        Good idea, Jeff. Outtakes are classic. That’s a great and painless way to get started!

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