When it comes to video, there is often a distinction made between “professional” and “effective”. And for those in who work in professional services such as the law, medicine and finance (as well as anyone who is passionate about their field), this can create a crisis of confidence.

Do I sacrifice the look and feel of my “brand” to try and go viral, or do I create these demonstrations of value as well as I possibly can?

Maybe this comes down to a working definition of “better”.

    4 replies to "Re-Defining “Better” Video"

    • TerryLee WHETSTONe

      Truly love your programs.

      • Steven Washer

        Too kind, Terry. De nada!

    • Ronald Ross

      OK, then, I’ll ask a question: What’s the difference between a one-minute, a two-minute, and a three-minute marketing video? It’s mighty difficult to complete even the most important aspects of one’s marketing message in 60 seconds.

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, a one-minute video is rather short. But marketing is more than just a sales message. It can be informational, connection-focused, sales focused, positioning focused and many other things I’m probably not thinking about.

        As far as the running time of a video, Joe Rogan is making daily 3 hour videos. Others are doing 18 second Tik Tok videos. There’s no right or wrong here. It’s just what’s interesting to you!

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