I think we all know that some of the hardest work in this world is to condense something down to its essential elements without losing its essence. The overwhelming temptation is to pile on capabilities, which are wonderful, though they add complexity, which is usually not.

There’s a beauty in simplicity that’s also powerful. It cuts through the confusion and lifts us out of a sea of choice that is drowning us. And nowhere in marketing is this kind of work more needed than in video.

When was the last time you heard someone say “You know what? I only have a day to get this promotion ready. Maybe I should make a video!”

Well, now they can.

Last year I launched a radically simplified selling system. From a technical perspective, no complex lighting, audio mixing, green screens, sets, or teleprompters. But also no shaky-cam, out-of-focus overexposed nonsense that leaves a viewer feeling queasy and turned-off.

From a marketing perspective, it’s been stripped of everything that doesn’t move the story forward, catch the attention of a viewer, or give them a generous slice of the the real you, which is the most valuable part of your business.

And now, having given it a shakedown in the real world, the system is stronger; battle-tested, easier to deploy, and with an expanded range of video structures.

All this simplicity has a purpose. It’s about helping you take someone on a value journey, as in the video below. If you like the ideas behind what the system offers, details are available at the end.

    7 replies to "On Taking the Value Journey"

    • Trish Hyatt

      Will you be offering a payment plan?

      • Steven Washer

        I strongly suspect that can be arranged.
        Will look into it today…

        By the way, thank you for asking!

        • Trish Hyatt

          Thank you. 🙂
          I know it will be valuable.
          By the way I did not get a notification to your reply.
          If an email answer could be sent that would be awesome.

          • Steven Washer

            That would be great as well. Really, thank you for both of those helpful suggestions!

    • Wiz Withers

      Steve – congrats on your 35th anniversary of receiving your pilot’s license.

      Next month will be the 41st anniversary of my receiving my US Navy wings. Onward and upward!


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