I’m beginning to believe that the least understood area of video marketing might be music. From whether to use it, to the how or where, grokking the stuff seems to elude our understanding.

So we punt.

But you don’t need to punt. You can make beautiful music, starting today.

And here’s how…

    4 replies to "How to Use Music in Your Videos"

    • Tony

      Great! Thank you I always find your videos insightful.

    • Terry McAuliffe

      Thanks for demonstrating effective techniques with your tutorials. I have learned a lot and am grateful.

      You’ve given away a lot of secrets, but I’m going to ask for one more if you’re willing. The transition music. It makes all the difference in the world. Can you suggest sources for transitions such as the ones you use?

      • Steven Washer

        Sure! I find a ton of useful music at audioblocks.com.
        That’s where I found all the music for this video.

        • Terry McAuliffe


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