Control is an illusion. I think this is how the world actually works.

It’s important to understand this because video is a bit of an art, or at least a craft. And in that world, accidents are not just mistakes. They’re grist for the mill at least, and sometimes even manifestations of genius.

Bob certainly believed that…

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    • Jay Creighton

      Thank you, Steve, for a very enlightening and encouraging message about control and “happy accidents.” I wholeheartedly agree. I love being in front of the camera when those happy accidents occur. We can only be visible authorities in our respective fields when we are our natural, sincere selves first. For me, I rehearse until I’m comfortable with the script and the pacing. Then, when I hit the “RECORD” button, I enjoy the process and let my energy come forward naturally. Not easy, but it gets EASIER with time and experience. Thank you for your inspirational video.

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