Smart entrepreneurs don’t use just one strategy to get the word out. They also don’t use just one way of talking to potential clients.

They also employ all sorts of tactics to get people interested in moving down the sales path (whatever that is).

But where in that process do they take the strategy that would unlock the power in any of the others?

One my friends is doing this. In fact, he’s become the poster child for this idea. It’s made him one of the most beloved figures in online education.

And it will work for you, too.

    5 replies to "How to Make Any Marketing Hack a Winner"

    • Brendan Kerins

      Steven, many thanks for the insights you impart in all your well produced Videos.

      Best wishes,
      Brendan Kerins

    • Jay Creighton

      Steve: A very nice video, as always. I liked how you made a particular point more intense by, via good editing, moving in (close up 1), moving in more (close up 2), and then, finally again moving in more (close up 3). That was a (classic?) nonverbal way of emphasizing your point. In short, don’t TELL the viewer, SHOW the viewer, via a well-edited video that the point you’re making is important. VIDEO is, I’ve learned (from behind the camera and also the editing monitor) is so very powerful. Thanks again for reminding us of this very human characteristic–we respond to video more so than to words on a page (or a screen). This is why, if we use video to communicate, we have to “get it right.” With your help, I’ve just begun the process of “getting it right.” Thanks again, Steve (and Chris!). Jay

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the kind words!

        We should try to “get it right”, of course. Attention to detail and all that. Sloppiness is not next to godliness. It’s just distraction.

        Always and ever, of course, the main goal is to connect. Showing is one way to do that. But while there is a limited amount of getting it right that can be accomplished, there is an almost infinite variety of good connection energy available to you.

        And that should be enjoyable for everyone; both to make and to watch!

    • Michael Steele

      Hey Steve,
      Great content once again, thank you. I am trying to get my video/digital marketing plan off the planning table. I am a bit torn because I am only seeking the smallest viable audience for my content. There are far too many people on YouTube that do what I do and I refuse to be another turd in an overcrowded turd filled punch bowl. Do you have any insights on using digital marketing and private youtube channels to be more laser focused?

      • Steven Washer

        Yes. YouTube is pretty oblivious about our activities until we do something that grabs their attention. But that isn’t the same as grabbing the attention of your core audience. You can do that all day long and end up with 100 views. I should know. I’m the poster-boy for that.

        Don’t worry about the competition. Visible authorities never worry about competition, as no matter what you do, there is no competition for being the best you you can be. Ultimately that’s what people are buying no matter what ELSE they may be buying.

        There’s more to say on this; maybe in the next video.

        Thanks, Michael! 🙂

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