I know many feel blocked when it comes to producing content because they simply lack the technical skill and confidence to make videos.

But when you realize that all the technical knowledge needed to do that is right here on this website, and absolutely free, then you get to ask the bigger questions, like “how do I make a video that matters?”

That’s the kind of question that can really get your brand moving.

    8 replies to "How to Make a Video That Matters"

    • Richard Mowrey

      A great glance at “the man in the mirror” from an insightful viewing position…by a Master Observer!

    • Garvin

      I won’t mind at all being part of this.

    • James Hart

      This video came at just the right time as I have been trying to create a new message for my audience.
      I hope to participate in the video analysis.

    • James Bond

      I really think this is an awesome idea, and I’d love to be involved.

    • Jay

      Hi, Steve: Thanks for making yet another insightful video. I would be happy and honored for you to use my videos (for better or worse) as instructional lessons for others insofar as to what to do and what NOT to do. Thanks again. Speak to you soon. Jay

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, gentlemen! Hopefully I’ll have something to add to your work. 🙂

    • Walter Morris

      Sounds good,I don’t mind.

    • Lynn

      Defiitely iterested in participating.

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