When it comes to making videos designed to bring more people into your world, whether to delight and educate or just sell stuff, it’s kind of important that they get above ground level.

But it’s also just as important for you not to get overwhelmed by the process. So this is about how to cut your production requirements back to creating the minimum viable video.

Baby Blue taught me this, and now I’m delighted to share it with you!

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions below.

    5 replies to "How to Get Your Videos Off the Ground"

    • Ronald Ross

      Hey, how did you know I needed to hear this message? For most of my life, I thought speed and brute force were required to succeed. Thanks for the “lift.” My dad was a flight instructor in WW 2 and taught my brother to fly (Piper Pacer, Cessna 170 & 172). Then, he became an F-8 fighter pilot during the Viet Nam war era, then he flew executive jets all over the world and instructed until he finally retired at 78. You think I would have known something about lift. Attached is a short video I made of my nephew (my brother’s oldest son) who runs the FBO in KLEE taking my brother and his wife, Dick & Beverly Sapp, back to KLEE.

    • Bud Stolker

      Thanks for the kick, Steven. I needed that! Timely and well done, as always.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Bud! A kick OUT of brute force…

    • Jim Choo

      Steve, you are a master of video script creation. This is a harder skill to pick up than a video presentation skill. You have my admiration! Thanks for another high quality instructional video.

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