What would it be like to have less than 10% of the resources of the Empire and still be able to destroy the Deathstar? That’s what it’s like to be Luke Skywalker.

You would need an advantage, a way to leverage what you have, and the faith that knows it will work.

This is not crazy talk. This is what happens everyday around here.

Find out why video is so hard to get right and the single, overlooked advantage that all those who refuse to lose have in common.

    12 replies to "How to Get the Luke Skywalker Advantage With Video"

    • John Charbonneau

      Excellent content and the video creative keeps you watching. Well done!!

      • Steven

        Thank you, John! I’m so proud of Stevie. 🙂

    • John

      Just checking, was there a point somewhere in that video? I couldn’t find one. But, maybe someone else did.

      • Steven

        Hm. Eye of the beholder, perhaps?
        In any case, the next video should tie a few things together…

        • Carol Chapman

          The point, as I see it, is that it’s really helpful to have a mentor to help you choose the 10% of video marketing knowledge that applies specifically to you. Anyway, that’s what Steve’s doing for me, and grateful I am, very.

    • Susan Gregg

      As always I love your videos – love Stevie/Yoda – I’m tempted to set Pugsley (my feisty version of little Susis/Stevie) loose in my videos but I’m afraid she’d never get off the screen!

      Thanks Steve

      • Steven

        De nada. I think a little Pugsley would be worth a try!

    • Nancy

      Wow, Stevie got a major upgrade – it’s a brand new day!
      Maybe there’s hope for me yet…

      • Steven

        Oh, I’m certain of it, Nancy.

    • Stefan

      Perfect logic Steve.

      We used to be told we needed 10000 hours of experience before we mastered anything. But it simply isn’t true anymore.

      And of course the logic you discuss applies to many other fields. I recall my first business startup. I became the owner of a smallholding growing salad crops and had a dangerously low level of expertise. But next Yoda did live. And Yoda helped me to perfect my mastery of growing lettuce etc. He would say … think you are a lettuce, it is raining and cold, how do you feel? How will you behave? What do you want the farmer to do to make you feel better?

      Of course I’m no longer thinking like a lettuce and sold that business a long time ago after making a success of it. But the principle still holds true for video and a lot more. Thanks for reminding me of a trusted principle Steve.

      • Steven Washer

        I love this! Though I’m not sure how I would think like a light bulb, I’d like to think I could out-think one. But that might be wishful thinking. 🙂

        • Stefan

          Well I guess you will outshine it Steve

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