When people work with video in their businesses, one of the biggest sources of frustration is when they feel a certain way on the inside but can’t get it to reveal itself on camera.

While that can be fixed, in those moments they’ve become victims of conformity.

It happens so slowly we don’t notice it. We only notice that when we try to escape it, we feel really uncomfortable, antsy, maybe even fearful.

Kids learn early to conform, and by the time we’re in Junior High, the job is done. Nature takes over, the group becomes primary, and from then on it’s just a matter of drawing within the lines.

But we know that’s not how creativity or success is fostered. And we need that modeled in our videos. Here’s a way to lift yourself out of the hell that is conformity and have a great time doing it.

    2 replies to "How to Escape Conformity Culture"

    • Jeremiah Hadley

      Thanks again for the Video Mr. Washer, I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now and have learned a lot from you. Guess I just wanted to say thanks for putting all these videos out there, you’re doing an amazing job!

      • Steve

        Thank you, Jeremiah. I appreciate the kind words.

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