I have a confession to make. I don’t like doing audience analysis. It’s like trying to get the cool kids to like you. I was never very good at that. Besides, it’s the absolute wrong kind of energy to broadcast into the market.

Here’s what works for a visible authority. And it keeps you well away from white rooms with their two-way mirrors and well-meaning clipboard-brandishing sociology majors.

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    • William Edwards

      You make some very interesting points, but that’s only part of the process. Experience shows “it’s not about ME.” It is about how do I and my experiences relate to YOU–the customer. Answer the customers’ question, “What’s in it for me?”
      Identify, acknowledge and recognize their need. Then work your process into how you can best meet those needs.
      Love your channel. Always makes us think.

      • Steven Washer

        Well, I can guess at what’s in it for them, but I’m a terrible mind-reader. Certainly we are all encouraged to dig into people’s heads and change their thoughts around. I just don’t want that kind of responsibility.

    • Jay Creighton

      Steve: As I mentioned to you last week during our session, and like Mr. Edwards (above), I’m not accustomed to focusing on me in my business as an estate planning, probate, and trust attorney. I’ve always focused on the client and what s/he needs. But I’m moving away from that type of business and hope to attract clients (other attorneys) who are like me and seek collaboration, rather than compliance and conformity. Today’s video makes the point you have made to me time and again during our sessions: focus on what I bring “to the table” and, perhaps, why I have become the way I am, and I’ll attract other attorneys like me into my world of collaboration rather than compliance. When posited in this manner–as is done in your video–it make sense. Thank you again for making us think about what we do and why we do it. Jay

      • Steven Washer

        I’m grateful we have the time to go over these things, Jay! 🙂

    • Prema Qadir

      This caught my attention because a client is having a hard time identifying their Target Audience. Now, they want to do a survey to find out where their Target Audience likes to hang out, socially, online to be able to know which Social Media platforms to invest their time and energy in.

      In a strange kind of way, what I hear you saying is like describing the back of my head . . .

      I hear you saying: Know myself well enough in order to focus on the needs of the customer within the framework of how the customer sees me and/or is influenced by me.

      Very subtle reasoning. Had to watch the video twice in order to “git” it.

      I can see how producing the video you’ve outlined is so much more fun, interesting, efficient, and productive than performing a survey, analyzing the data, and dot dot dot boring and then still having to come up with a way to use the data to create a solution.

      BRILLIANT thinking, Mr. Washer, as always.

      • Steven Washer

        I think this will help you, Prema. I think you get it. I may not have expressed it as well as I might have, but it’s important for anyone who wants to make a meaningful connection rather than just a simple transaction.

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