Branding is important and sales are equally important. Obviously.

What is less obvious is that one doesn’t lead to the other for most consultants and service providers.

But there does seem to be one thing that does lead to both, and it should happen quite naturally.

The problem is that it gets trained out of us. Here’s a way to train it back in.

Here’s the resource mentioned in the video.

    7 replies to "How to Become the Obvious Choice"

    • Wayne Peterson

      Frictionless! Yes. Nicely done, Steve.

    • Guy Odell

      Actually you have turned a deep and insightful switch for me. Thank you very good. Total empathy on this one.

    • Jim Pollock

      Super message, Steve! I’ll be re-watching this a few times. Sage. Thank you. jp

    • Jeff B

      UNICORN FARTS? Steve, that got the loudest LOL out of me in a while. I hope you don’t mind my using that one in the future. I will list you in the credits:) Good message in the video as well!

    • Mohsen

      Steve that is amazing. Thanks for creating such a useful mind opening contents.

    • Peter Defty

      Always engaging and insightful Steve! You inspire me to be the Visible Authority in my sphere…..since you are aware of what I do because of your Low Carb Journey how can I be of service to you?

    • Patrick

      Brilliant plan Steve!

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