I have found that there are two kinds of people when it comes to being on camera: teleprompter people and non-teleprompter people.

If you’re one of the latter, here’s a great way for you to be as concise as you always wished you could be without losing any spontaneity or passion.

Hope you find this helpful!

Here’s where to get the ebook mentioned in the video.

    19 replies to "How to Be Pitch Perfect Without a Teleprompter"

    • Thierry Lagesse

      Hi Steve,

      I love your videos!!

      Can you email me “The first 20 sec” script

      Chat Soon!!

      • Steven Washer

        It’s simple to grab. Just click on the link above, enter your email address and voila!

    • Lee

      Totally brilliant information as usual. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Steve.

    • Martin Haworth

      I’m kind liking this idea. How does it work if you’re using free screen, with two angles?

      Thanks for the link to the 20-second thingy, I was going to ask!

      Love your stuff, Steve!

      • Martin Haworth

        Oops *green screen – sorry!

        • Steven Washer

          Two angles means either two green screens or a large wraparound green screen. And it means two lighting setups.

          Have fun with the 20-second thingie!

          • Steven Washer

            Oh, and it means having the same background plate shot from different angles; kind of a rare product to find unless you shoot it yourself.

            • Martin Haworth

              As always, thanks Steve. Your videos – and if I may say so, your mellifluous tones – are addictive!


    • Nick Kelsh

      Great stuff! Love it!

    • John Pavon

      Great Advice, the results are looking more real, true and clean.


      Great timing Steve – a video just for me!!

    • Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed

      Steve, I just wanted to thank you for your generous contribution to our professional development over the years. The quality of your information is matched only by your affability, gracious demeanor — and authoritative presentation

      Your support has enabled me to grow beyond simple passion projects and imposter syndrome, to having the confidence and ability of a professional

      everything about you is appreciated! Thank you

      • Steven Washer

        Wonderful to hear, Ismaeel. And thanks for your kind words!

    • Anjali

      Hello my dear man, just wanted to let you know my weekly youtube show Quintessential Experiences season 1 (14 eps) is being released, we’re on to ep 8 now. Thank you for your guidance all these years. Giving ordinary folks like ourselves a chance to share their extraordinary unexplained experiences allows all of us (hosts included) to be our more natural selves in interaction. I take in every bit of your kind, compassionate, peaceful advice and let it soak in, deeply. I want to be real, on camera, and for the folks we interview…and thankfully, the right things to say seem to magically come forth. Much love, Anjali

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Anjali. May you bring all the good into this hurting world you can muster…

        • Anjali

          Best wishes to you and your family <3 we shall keep on keeping on.

    • Ingo Hilgefort

      Hello Steven,
      Thanks a lot for your videos – very helpful.

      So when you shoot the 20 second (or 1 min) are you then afterwards “stitching” all those together to the 10 min video ?

      Wouldn’t that become a video where you as person are going to be “moving” a lot as you not going to be exactly on the same spots again ?

      Thanks a lot

      • Steven Washer

        I’m working on Pt. 3 of this series right now. I think your question will be answered in it. Watch this space next Wednesday! 🙂

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