Sometimes the thing we don’t say speaks the loudest. And those who would be visible authorities need to understand how this works in video.

So rather than explain how marketers so easily repulse an audience in equal and opposite measure to their unspoken message, I thought I would show you.
(Stevie begged to be part of this, so how could I say no?)

File this under “People” in the Hands-Off Selling Pyramid.

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    • Sherris Cottier Shank

      So true! Respecting your audience is crucial in communication of any kind. Love it, Steve.

    • Nancy Aborn Patton-Wuennemann


    • Jason Price

      Such a well made point Steve. If people don’t have the faith in their audience of prospects to stick around for a few minutes of video, how do they think they’ll behave as customers?

      • Steven Washer

        Indeed. 🙂

    • Gregory Bell

      Great advice Steven, thank you. After being told by many they watch videos at 2x speed to save time, I know do the same and while challenging at first, it’s my default approach. Of course I slow it down when necessary.

      While I can watch this video at double speed on the YouTube, I cannot on this page’s embedded version. Is it because you do not expose the speed option or does the embedded player not support this feature?

      Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

      • Steven Washer

        YouTube doesn’t give the option. I include it in webinars I host at Vimeo, but not for a 5 minute video. There’s something about timing and rhythm that is lost when you do that. I get it if it’s just information, but that isn’t how I think about these videos. Thanks!

      • Tami Wendt

        I was able to change the speed on the embedded video. Some times you have to click on the “gear” twice to get to the speed control. Unless the presenter already talks fast, I always speed up the videos. It saves me time, and it helps me stay focused on the message. I get distracted easily when the pace it too slow.

        • Steven Washer

          Ah, thank you for showing me that. I never watched my videos like that before.

      • Wendy Strain

        I almost always watch informative videos on hyped up speed, but I’ve never even considered trying on these videos. I appreciate the way Steve presents his information – always interesting, engaging, and just the right pace for me. I’m glad to read in his response that this is deliberate. It gives me more confidence that maybe I can be a better video presenter, too. Obviously, a matter of preference. Thanks for bringing up the topic. I knew I wanted to provide video controls to my potential viewers because it bugs me immensely when they aren’t provided, but I’ve been debating whether (or how) to make the speed option available for videos I’m currently preparing.


      The us the ABSOLUTE deal killer for me – taking away MY ability to control the video experience. Well put Steve!

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