The gurus make it sound so simple, this business of creating fans and followers. Just do what they tell you to do. Or rather, and at the risk of sounding a bit cynical, buy their program.

But after 10 years in this online universe, I can tell you that the truth is a good deal more shaded than “buy my stuff”. It’s not only shaded. It’s shrouded in the fog of culture.

But that means you have as much access to the truth as anyone, because after all, it’s just as much your culture as anyone else’s.

I think video can help you show up in a way that creates followers. I also think this gives you a powerful advantage over mammoth corporations that hide inside the fog of culture to cheat their way to the top.

This dismal state of affairs is also your opportunity to outshine the corporates.

Anyway, it’s how we’ve been hacking away at this for ages. And it only seems to work better today than it did when we first started.

You just have to think it through first or your value proposition could end up in the graveyard of “What Could Have Been”.

Here’s how to have some fun while leapfrogging over the big dogs…

    10 replies to "How Strangers Become Followers"

    • Chris

      Good stuff as usual, Steve! And your green screen technique is flawless. I’m so jealous 😉
      Have a great day and keep up the great videos!


      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the kind words, Chris! Did you know we have a completely free resource that shows you how to do really good green screen? It’s right here:

        Just choose the Greenscreen Jumpstart Program as your entry point and have fun with it!

    • Earl J Moniz

      Aloha Steven…
      yet another super video chuck full of sound advice and thoughtful commentary.
      * * *
      As an English teacher and librarian, written spelling errors and verbal hiccups just seem to jump into my consciousness without any real effort on my part.
      I intend to provide this sound bit of advice for you to handle as you see fit.
      * * *
      The term has been one of those things that jumps out at me.
      The term is actually ‘ to indicate that a person is as hopeless as s/he can be… yes?
      Using the term , for me, would necessitate an explanation as to what I might do to get that person to care less . . . after all, you just indicated they COULD care less… we want them to get to the point where they absolutely ‘ , yes?
      * * *
      Now, go back and fix every video you’ve ever made with that term in it and … LOL
      * * *
      I don’t mind you having shined shoes.
      After my career in the military, I’m simply complaining that they’re not spit-shined… LOL
      * * *
      You’re absolutely the best Steven… and it is a minor thing, after all.
      * * *

      Until that time. . .

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for your comment, Earl. Point taken. Sometimes we speak in ways designed to connect rather than show off. I could have made it correct. I could even have made it more intelligent. But I am loathe to pretend to be smarter than I am. After all, it can’t be done. I’ve watched Stevie try it and it’s quite embarrassing. So every once in a while I throw in phrases like that to remind people that I’m just trying to muddle through the day without bumping into the furniture.

    • Earl J Moniz

      Well, that sucked…
      The term was deleted from the message…
      * * *
      It’s “could care less” … which should be “couldn’t care less”, yes?

      * * *
      * * *

      Until that time. . .

      • Steven Washer

        No worries. I got that from the context, thanks!

    • Michael Lowery

      Any advice on getting instructions in basic editing? I’ve tried hiring tutors, community college, etc. I don’t get it

      • Steven Washer

        I do have another free resource called The Video Production Masterclass for Visible Authorities. It’s also here.

        It’s the first resource on the page. Just opt-in for it and go to either the Mac or Windows editing section and it walks you through editing the exact kind of videos you see here. Have fun!

    • Paul Mawutor

      Hi Steve,
      I have learn many things from you, starting with the course on Udemy, and now Visible Authority.
      However, I need your help on ideal room measurement for a small home studio setup.

      • Steven Washer

        Whatever you have available will probably do. It’s not so much the absolute measurement, but the technique of separating yourself from your background that makes all the difference. I have a video on this that should help you here:

        Good luck!

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