Hollywood pros don’t care nearly as much about counting pixels as the public thinks. They can make art from stone knives and bearskins or your basic gazillion dollar Arriflex.

Emmy-nominated film editor John Soares knows both terrains like the back of his hand.

In telling his story, John will show you examples of high-end filmmaking with tools anyone can afford.

More importantly, he’ll show you how the best tools are the one between your ears and the one beating passionately in your chest. This is the 90% of the iceberg you don’t normally see.

Why is this important in using video for sales and marketing? Because the air gap between business and entertainment is really small. Once you get that, your own production, no matter how modest your goals, will never be quite the same.

And that’s a good thing for you and your audience.

I would watch this interview with a cup of coffee (or two) and the intention of soaking up a few new and helpful ideas!

    2 replies to "High-End Filmmaking Without the Expense"

    • Terry McAuliffe

      Thank you both. This was well worth my time watching you two enjoy each other’s company and convey some good advice and observations.

    • Steven Washer

      Thanks, Terry. It’s true. We did have a marvelous time. Happy you found it helpful!

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