What if you never needed a second impression after you’d given your first? With video done a certain way you can.

And that makes your life a good bit easier.

Here are the 10 checkpoints to make sure you’ve built your video accordingly.

    2 replies to "A Never-Ending First Impression"

    • Peter Defty

      This is wonderful and inspiring Steve! . . . I owe you. Let’s catch up. I will try to give you a call because I do have a way to feel and be decades younger if what my athletes are saying is true…..Thank YOU!

      BTW, noted there’s a beautiful young lady on the cover who is ‘Easy on the eyes’…..

    • Steven Washer

      Decades? That would be awesome, if we didn’t lose the wisdom with the years.
      I’d settle for sometime before March 15, 2020. 😉

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