People love buying stuff.

We love the anticipation, the sense of discovery, and the hope of progress that goes along with it. Or maybe that’s just me..

But I don’t think so. After all, from the perfect kitchen knife to the fastest computer to that $5,000 per month mastermind, who buys with a grudge in their heart? Not a one.

So it’s worth giving a thought as to how exactly a sale like that happens. Or any other for that matter.

Do we NEED to persuade someone to do something they’re ready, able and want badly to do? Is that how it’s done?

Or does it even matter? After all, once any sales tactic has chalked up another victory, the aftertaste is quickly forgotten, right?

This is something you won’t learn in sales school.

    6 replies to "Do Humans Prefer Persuasion or Attraction?"

    • Tammy Kabell

      “Stand in one place. Do your thing… and become the hunted.” Wise words.

    • Peter Gales

      Looking sexy Stevie.;-)

      • Steven Washer

        Stevie says “thank you!”

    • Carrelyn Banner

      Great insight into the best ways to promote your heart centered business for the new age of entrepreneurship. I appreciate you and all the knowledge you so freely share. Thank you!

      • Steven Washer

        Or other-centered… 🙂

    • Jay

      Thank you, Steve, for a very nice message: well presented, attractive, and not at all intimidating. I’m sure you’re prepared to be “hunted” more and more often in the future. And, your video had a cinematic quality to it, for sure. Thanks again.

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