Online success should be simple. And for some it does seem to be. For others, not so much. Because of a widespread dis-ease.

The smartest people you know may have this affliction. It’s is a disease to be feared. Because once you get it, it’s hard to lose it.

You catch it by exposure. And the virus is everywhere. It’s called Learned Helplessness.

And the easiest way to get it?

Through email.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time. So yesterday I sat down in front of a webcam (my first ever by the way) with Danny Iny, with a blizzard raging right outside my door.

We discussed why learned helplessness happens to good people online especially, its cure, and a number of related subjects I think you’ll want to know more about, including:

  • the role of online mentors
  • how to use video in your marketing
  • when you shouldn’t use video
  • how great marketing can ruin you
  • the 2 simple elements that make a business successful
  • the real value of Kickstarter
  • how to discern what kind of training is right for you
  • why now is the best time to create a great course

…all in less than 22 minutes!

And in case you’re wondering, there’s no pitch for Danny’s new course at the end, though I do explain my bonus for it during the last 2 minutes.

However, I recommend you check it out, so here it is

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