Do you remember The Walking Dead? It’s a TV show that used to be a big cultural phenomenon. You may not have watched in a while. That’s because the producers did something no series should ever do; at least one that’s interested in continuity. 

I see a lot of “Walking Dead” content out there as well. I bet you do, too. Ever wonder what makes it that way? 

If you did, you could make sure it never happens to you or turn it around if it has. 

It doesn’t cost a dime.

Here’s the spine-tingling truth…

    6 replies to "Can You Hear Me Now?"

    • Ronald Ross

      Sweet! Great truth. But difficult to achieve whilst staring into a lens with lights shining on you, a green screen behind you, a teleprompter harkening you, and anxiety within you.

      • Steven Washer

        There’s great power in knowing how to match your energy with your viewer’s. More than enough to offset a few jitters, which you SHOULD always have.

    • Linda

      As a longtime viewer of your videos (and admirer of your wisdom), the content of this one really spoke to me. As a former teacher, I knew my students were listening when I had the same enthusiasm and awe that they did. I will have to remember that concept when I am on camera. Thanks!

      • Steven Washer

        Too kind, Linda! Glad it was helpful.

    • Jeremy Latham

      Thanks for such great pearls of wisdom Steve. Right on the money, as always. I’m struggling to get going with my video production again after being on vacation and having to deal with the backlog of work that inevitably builds up when one is away. My feeling is it’s better to be fighting fit before getting in front of the camera again whilst the energy has been expended elsewhere!

      • Steven Washer

        It’s all about managing energy, isn’t it?
        And it’s good to be aware of that. Hope you catch up soon!

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