If you’re stuck thinking of something to make a video about, try making it about nothing. It certainly worked well enough for Seinfeld, a TV show famously said to be about nothing at all.

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…

What is not an exaggeration is that many experts believe what they know should be common knowledge, and therefore not worth talking about. But that isn’t true. It’s only second nature to you. What is true, though, is that the WAY it’s presented is just as important as the knowledge itself, especially if it’s technical in any way.

Take the video above. It’s about a concept I’ve been on about for 12 years, so it’s become kind of like background noise, but when it’s presented in ways people haven’t seen before, it can be a bit more relatable.

In this video, I used music differently than usual, a good number of sound effects, which I rarely use, motion graphics, a call-back, and I spent extra time on the script so that it wouldn’t be too drawn out.

There’s one more thing worth mentioning, so a commenter did. And this might be the most important of all. Here’s what he said:

“Good video. Since you stuck to one item, I am likely to remember it.”

One thing. One small thing. Ideally, that’s what every video should be about. Remember that the next time you’re thinking about explaining an important idea, but one so simple it isn’t even worth talking about. 🙂


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    • John Tedmon

      Thanks you so much for pointing out the obvious to me. This video is so simple, it makes me wonder why is new to me.
      I appreciate your weekly input, information and education. Always emotionally uplifting and inspiring.
      John Tedmon

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