The point of using video is to create an Authority presence around what you do.

But there are far too many videos where a guy or gal sits in front of their webcam talking about an awesome new marketing technique, not realizing their background is slowly undoing everything they say.

Yes, this is a real thing. But you don’t have to suffer from it. You can just take 3 quick actions to make sure it goes the other way.

Watch this video, then download the pdf from above. It has all the details, and in just a few minutes, your backgrounds will have everyone calling you an Authority again.

Get your free copy of The Location Primer right here.

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    • David Fitzgerald

      Valuable tips Steve … time to de-clutter me thinks! Will need to ponder the distinction between Natural and Authentic – not something I would intuitively separate.

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, there’s quite a bit about backgrounds that isn’t very intuitive. We get lulled into thinking we know what we need to know because half of it IS intuitive. But 50% isn’t much of a grade. :))

    • Geoffrey Marlow

      Hi Steve – I’ve only ever used an infinite white background, so I can add text or graphics to support key points. What’s your view about infinite white these days?

      • Steven Washer

        Hi Geoffrey! Ideally, infinite white is useful when you need your audience to focus on technical or conceptual ideas, especially when they take a while to unfold. It certainly eliminates distraction, doesn’t it?

    • Mary Elaine Kiener

      Steve – I’m confused! At about 1:45, you state that you use the backgrounds you use so that folks don’t think they have to have a greenscreen studio. So, how DO you create those backgrounds? [or do you simply have a really awesome house that’s always pristinely “kept”?]

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, it’s just a small room, Mary. In fact, I did a whole “thing” on this a couple of years ago in this very room.
        Here’s the breakdown:
        But no, sadly, the house is not some military-grade example of “everything in it’s place”.

        • Mary Elaine Kiener

          Steve – Thanks. I’ve reviewed the videos on greenscreen. I guess it comes down to what “studio” means to you and/or me.
          What I come away with is that I still need to dedicate a space (albeit, perhaps only 8 x 10) for a greenscreen studio…….In order to get the lighting correct, etc. [Unless I want to set-up/take down everytime I want to shoot.]. And, then, forget about using daylight.
          And, I guess, getting one of those greenscreen gizmos that fits on the back of your chair is a REALLY stupid waste of money, right? 😉

          • Steven Washer

            You got that right on the chair thingie!

            A few years ago I did a video on how to set all this stuff up and tear it down so that it can be re-set in 5 minutes.

            With greenscreen you need to get a hanging system that can easily be extended and de-extended, but otherwise it’s not that arduous.

            Having said that, I’m glad I moved the library to another room. I do like just flipping a few switches and being done in 5 minutes.

            • Mary Elaine Kiener

              Thanks, Steve – lots more to figure out!

    • Beverly Kune

      Hi Steve,
      What collection of green screen backgrounds do you use? They are very effective and clean. Thanks for all your insights!

      • Steven Washer

        Beverly, my backgrounds are a pretty eclectic bunch. I find them all over the web. These ones came from They have a lot of usable stuff.

        And now you’ve given me an idea for a new video. Thanks!

        • Mary Elaine Kiener

          Steve—is there a standardized category/search term you use once at the stock photo places?

          • Steven Washer

            No, because it depends on what I need for that scene. And often I end up using something completely different than what I started with.

            For instance, if I want a living room set I might just get a bunch of furniture as in “living room set of furniture”. So you start moving away from the target and say something like “living room staged” or “living room empty” or “dining room”, to see the outside of the envelope.

            For the Tao of Success series, it was a wildly eclectic search, from cloudy hillsides to tropical beaches to playing cards flying. But of course I rarely go what I was looking for on the first go-round.

            • Mary Elaine Kiener

              Thanks!! Spounds like sort of how I search for photos for my blog posts! Talk about fun rabbit holes!

        • Beverly Kune

          Thanks, Steve … you’re an invaluable resource!

        • Mike I


          Thanks for all your great material. I had given up on chromakey until I found your videos.

          Another good site for images, at no cost, is wallpaperflare.



    • Margherita Crystal Lotus

      Yes Steven,
      My best background are trees and green leaves outside. That support my healing services. And now as I am a writer also, I have bookshelves in the background filled with antique books.
      Love that you took this topic today!

    • Mark

      Hello Steven…and community,
      Ok, well I get it to a degree. I have the “Green screen studio” all set and ready for my first video. BUT….

      Once the video is complete using Camtasia, how do I get the background to my video??
      There I am, on video, backed by green. Beautiful, but not the scene I pictured to convey my authority.

      I have the video
      I have the green background
      I have the background chosen for this video.
      I have no idea how to get it from my computer to my video.

      Your tech help, please.


      • Steven Washer


        Did you go through the greenscreen course that you signed up for? All the detailed answers are within.

        Having said that, Camtasia is not the editing program to use for greenscreen. It produces the worst results by far. Any other program would be better; even those costing less than half of Camtasia’s price.

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